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Course Outcomes - What to Expect?

What happens next?

Once you've done our course you will be able to:

Write effective meta-tags across every page of your website. Know exactly how to structure them for the best results.

Build content pages that are search engine friendly, structured for the search engines and your users! Know how many pages you need to build around target keywords and why you need to structure certain ways. How to make that content 'living content' that is both updated, engaging and unique.

Structure your website for the search engine no matter what your web design is.

How to structure titles and internal linking along with other important website elements that can affect your search engine rankings.

How to build important links to your website to make it an authority source on its topic. What not to do and more importantly how little you can do to make such a massive difference on your rankings.

To know how to replace your paid keywords if using Google Adwords with natural ranking keywords so that you don't have to pay ever again and you rank naturally for the very words and phrases you're targeting.

How to use Google Adwords on conjunction with natural listings without having to spend over the top

How to turn traffic into enquiries and sales once it lands on your website

The tools you need to track everything from traffic to enquiries

How to spend as little as possible or even spend nothing and know what to do on a zero budget for the maximum results.

Ultimate goal: Learning it all for your self so that you don't have to spend bigg dollars on an ongoing basis