About Boostmy.com

Founded in 2003, we've been going 12 years! Our team has been involved in search engine marketing for well over a decade and have seen the evolution of Google, the changes in Yahoo, the rise of Bing and the downfall of hundreds of other search engines and directories.

As vertans of the search engine marketing landscape, we've decided there's no better way to achieve search marketing results then through self learning. Everyone can do it, if your a website owner, web developer, marketing professional or a blogger, you can practice these same techniques, strategies and knowledge to ensure you market your website to its maximum effect.

Natural rankings on Google = traffic

You don't have to pay to have a natural ranking in the Google search results

Once you learn how to build and maintain your website, you can take charge of your own search engine marketing and build your own rankings and increase your traffic.

Welcome to Boostmy.com - we hope to teach you everything we know!