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Google Ranking Courses 2016

Your Content

What sort of content do you need and how to structure it

Website Structure

How to set your your website navigation, titles and internal linking


How to build links that make your website an authority

Why learn this your self

Because it's easy, anyone can do it and you can save a lot of money. Even if it's to then instruct someone else.

Online Google Ranking Courses

Step by step for how you will change your Google Rankings for the better

Courses written by the experts! was founded in 2003! We've been going 12 years!

Detailed knowledge on how to write the better Meta-Tags across every page of your website

How you should structure internal linking and navigation of your content

No matter what your web design, we'll show you how to structure your content

How to make your website and authority on it's subject

If you are a new website, how to get into Google's index within 48 hours

If you're going to do Google Adwords as well, how to rank naturally for the same keywords so that you don't have to pay any more

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I want to learn it for myself

Why pay for ongoing search engine marketing when its so easy to do it your self

Think of it as a tutorial on the different aspects of your website to change from the meta-tags right through to the types of links you need to build. We'll tell you how, what to do and where

Follow our step by step guide and you'll know what to change in your meta-tags, your content, what new pages to add to your website, what kind of links to build an more

You become the search engine master

Never pay for search marketing again